Sure Community Foundation

The Sure Community Foundation was formed back in 2012 and is a registered charity that is managed by a group of passionate and dedicated trustees that work at Sure. The aim of the Foundation is to provide support to not-for-profit organisations and registered charities that play an important role in our local community. We can provide financial support, donations, raffle prizes, as well as volunteering our time to help in many different ways. Local registered charities simply need to email the Foundation and apply for funding. 

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Supporting Our Community

We are very proud of our islands and committed to being part of island life in anyway we can be.  Connecting our islands for a better future is our mission and everyone at Sure is passionate about doing their bit to make our communities better for everyone that lives in them.  Whether it's inspiring the next generation through our educational support programmes, providing career avenues and and first hand training, or using our tech and expertise to support local sponsorships like the Guernsey Marathon 2024 and Natwest International Island Games 2023 where the tech we put in place will benefit the community for years to come.  


Our environmental focus

At Sure we believe in playing our part in making a better future for our islands. We have signed up to ESI Monitor to assess our environmental impact and work out where we can improve. We also actively work to minimise the impact of our offices and facilities, as focusing on sustainability is part of the way we do things.