Our home phone call charges

You'll find a list of local call charges below, along with rates for information services, operator services and satellite calls. Calling abroad?  Take a look at our international call rates.

Prices shown are per-minute unless otherwise stated. From 10th September 2019 a 2p call setup charge will apply to chargeable, local, national, national rated and international calls made using a Sure home or business phone line. The minimum charge for calls will be 9p, including the call setup charge.

For more information on home phone features visit our Help pages.


Directory enquiry services
Satellite calls
Information services
Non-geographic and premium rate charges
Destination Price per minute
Local landlines - off peak 0p
Local landlines - peak times 1p
Local mobile - off peak 11.6p
Local mobile - peak times 14.6p
United Kingdom (inc. Jersey & 03 numbers) landlines - all times 4.5p
United Kingdom mobile - off peak 21p
United Kingdom mobile - peak times 27p
United Kingdom mobile - Sundays 11p
Jersey mobile - all times 15p

All call charges are in pence per minute, rounded to the nearest 1p, unless otherwise stated. Peak times are 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday. All other times are billed at the off-peak rate.

Number Connection charge Price per min
118 113 35p 0p
118 188 £4.78 £2.59
118 200 £2.04 10p
118 212 £4.78 £2.59
118 247 £1.50 £1.70
118 500 £1.20 £2.55
118 505 £2.64 £3.66
118 535 48p 0p
118 661 99p £2.99
118 695 36p 10p
118 811 50p 0p
118 888 29p £1.69
118 161 49p 28p
118 163 33p 4p
All other 118 numbers £1.00 £1.00

Please note numbers starting with 118 are charged a fixed amount per call ('connection charge' in the table above) PLUS a per minute charge charged from the start of the call.

Guernsey telephone numbers are not listed by any telephone directory enquiry services. To find Guernsey telephone numbers please visit The Guernsey Directory 

Call destination Price per minute
Inmarsat A £4.50
Inmarsat A (Iridium) £2.65
Inmarsat B £2.65
Inmarsat B (Iridium) £2.65
Inmarsat M £2.65
Inmarsat MOBIQ £2.15
Call destination Dial code Charge (per minute unless otherwise specified)
Bailiwick weather forecast 12080 10p per call
Channel Island Shipping forecast 0900 665 0022 42.9p
Guernsey Met Office Info line 0906 713 0111 50p
Various local information services 120xx 10p per call
Speaking clock 123 20p per call
Various customer controlled info services 120xx 10p per call
Reminder call *55*time* 10p per call
Numbers starting with Price per min
UK Freephone: 0800 and 0808 0p / min
Standard Non-Geographic access charge: 05 and 08 (excluding 0800 and 0808) 10p / min
Premium Rate access charge: 09 10p / min
Directory Enquiry access charge: 118 10p / min


Calls to premium rate service numbers (including but not limited to 08 excluding 080, 118 and 09) are made up of an access charge and a service charge. Sure can only provide you with information on the cost of the access charge. To check the price of the service charge, please contact the provider of that number. The charge on your bill is the total of access and service charges and can range from a few pence to several pounds.

Further information and number checker can be found here www.phonepayplus.org.uk.

Please note that calls & texts to short codes for TV competitions and voting lines are not supported by Sure, always use the long number and call or text to enter or register your vote. 09 numbers may provide services that are inappropriate for under 18’s. Always ask the bill payer's permission before calling.

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