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By bundling your mobile, broadband and landline together, we can offer you big savings. So you can enjoy the same great Sure service at home or when you’re out and about. Here’s an example of how you could save £121 per year on our lowest priced plan, when you buy a SML Pay Monthly mobile plan, unlimited broadband with average speeds of 34Mbps and a landline. If you already have the services specified in each of the bundles, the savings shown below will automatically be applied to your account.

The Big Bundle




Mobile: 1GB data, 100 mins, 100 texts

Broadband: Unlimited (average speeds 34Mbps)

Landline: Included

Normal Price: £61.34

Bundle Price: £51.00

Saving per month £10.34

Can you get faster broadband?

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Personalise your Plan

Want to upgrade your mobile plan for more data? Or get our even faster up-to 100Mb/s broadband? No problem - this offer includes any combination of a landline, Pay Monthly mobile and your choice of Standard up-to 40Mb/s broadband, Superfast up-to 60Mb/s broadband or Ultrafast up-to 100Mb/s broadband.

Your 24 month mobile plan automatically includes a 20% discount compared to the 1 month rolling price and your Broadband plan includes a £5 discount for having a Pay Monthly plan on your account. An additional discount will be credited on your bill each month for the remainder of the discount to provide you with the Big Bundle Price.

Head in store now and we’ll help you build your perfect bundle, or you can browse our mobile plans and all the latest phones first.

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