Shore to Shore with Sure: Guernsey to Alderney

Shore to Shore with Sure :Guernsey to Alderney

Sure has unveiled newly upgraded technology on the Alderney Ferry Services for the upcoming season.

Running daily from March to October, travellers on the ever-popular trips to Alderney used to see a drop off of 4G signal halfway through the hour-long crossing, but this will no longer happen thanks to Sure’s investment, an onboard free WiFi service. 

Passengers will now enjoy WiFi connectivity for the whole crossing, staying connected while on the water.

Mike Fawkner-Corbett, Head of Consumer at Sure, said: “These ferries are essential to Guernsey staying connected to the Alderney community, so we wanted to make sure people could also stay connected while travelling through the addition of this technology.”

Charlie Smith and Dan Slimm  Alderney Ferry, said: “Having the WiFi service for passengers is a huge benefit so we are very thankful for the fantastic service that Sure has provided, especially for our passengers, this is a great feature while using Alderney Ferry Services this season.”