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Having great WiFi really does make all the difference. Whatever you use it for, if your WiFi is misbehaving, our Home Tech Team can help.  They’ll visit your home, identify those tricky WiFi spots and offer personalised advice on how to optimise performance.

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What’s involved:

  • Home visit: A half an hour appointment to map out WiFi performance using specialist tools and equipment. We'll essentially walk around your home to understand the layout and take a look at anything that could be hindering your signal. Cost: Just £35
  • If we spot an immediate issue and can address it on the spot, we’ll happily do so with your approval. If not, we’ll coordinate a time to return to resolve it at your convenience.
  • Follow Up Report: A detailed WiFi Health Check Report will be emailed a few days after the visit summarising our findings, including suggestions on how to improve performance using both existing and new equipment.
  • Final Check In: 7-10 days later you’ll receive a follow-up call to check everything is working or to answer further questions.

Things to try before booking a visit:

Free your router

Make sure your router is located away from any objects that may cause interference such as Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, fish tanks, metal-backed mirrors, fridges, microwaves and game consoles. It’s also worth checking on the age of your router.

Don’t be a WiFi waster

Connect heavily used non-portable devices directly into the router with an ethernet cable. e.g. Smart TV, games console, desktop computer. Disconnect any old devices from the
WiFi network (old tablets, phones, laptops, smart devices etc).

Refresh with Mesh

Enhance your signal reach with a Mesh WiFi extender system. Place Mesh nodes (they look a bit like small speakers) around your home and they will work with your router to distribute your WiFi signal even further. 

Reboot. Reset. Revitalise

Check for any software updates. Clear your device’s cookies and cache. Try turning your router off and waiting 30 seconds before turning it back on. Sometimes it does the trick. 

Nothing working? Book a Home Visit.

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Products and Prices.

Your half an hour home visit is a fixed £35.  If our home Tech Team make any recommendations about ways to enhance your WiFi, the work, products and additional tech will be discussed with you.  We’re here to help make your WiFi needs more affordable which is why we also offer both 12 and 24 month payment plans.

MiFi, Routers and Home WiFi

24 Month

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Basic Home Router

£3.50 £99

Standard Home Router



Premium Home Router

£5.00 £169

Mesh WiFi Extender

£3.00 £99

Premium WiFi Extender

£3.50 £119

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