Sure has the fastest mobile network in the Channel Islands

Sure’s mobile network is officially the fastest in the Channel Islands following the release of the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authority's (CICRA's) independent research, conducted by industry specialist Regulaid*. 

Sure’s 4G mobile network was found to be the fastest for data downloads in both Guernsey and Jersey and averaged more than twice as fast as the other operators in both islands.

“Sure’s 4G and 4G+ networks are the result of a multi-million pound investment made to equip the islands with an infrastructure that enables them to punch well above their weight when it comes to superfast mobile services; we’re enormously proud of them as they deliver the very best 4G and 4G+ experiences and are pleased that CICRA’s findings back up our investment commitment,” said Ian Kelly, CEO of Sure.

“The results of the independent study show that Sure not only has the fastest mobile network, with maximum achievable speeds of over 200Mbps, but we also provide the fastest average speeds available island-wide, which take into account the breadth and depth of coverage and speeds, and provide a fairer and more accurate representation of the everyday user’s experience of the islands’ mobile networks.

“We know that our customers enjoy using these mobile services because mobile internet use has rocketed since the launch of 4G. For business, trends towards home working and heavy data usage on the go mean that mobile services are a vital part of an island’s infrastructure and critical to its economy.

“It’s great that Sure, and the islands in general, compare very favourably with the UK’s major cities for average speeds and coverage levels. We are proud that Sure’s customers in the islands are better served than their counterparts in the UK and this gives Channel Island customers a genuine economic advantage.

“We are constantly investing in our networks across our operations to improve the experience and ensure our network infrastructure keeps up with the changing needs of our customers.

“Sure believes in being transparent with our customers. We have long disputed claims from JT that it has the fastest 4G network as our own research has shown the strength of our network when it comes to the everyday experience of customers. To have this confirmed by an independent study via the islands’ regulator is hugely positive and will hopefully lead to JT removing its misleading information from the marketplace.

“The findings of the study are great news for the Channel Islands and even more positive for Sure customers.”

Average download speeds during July 2017, as recorded by Regulaid on behalf of the Channel Islands Regulatory Authorities:


Sure - 40Mbps
JT - 19Mbps
Airtel - 16Mbps


Sure - 46Mbps
JT - 22Mbps
Airtel - 18Mbps

*Source: Most recent CICRA commissioned tests (conducted July 2017), view report here: CICRA website

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