Everything you need to know about your home’s broadband
Everything you need to know about your home’s broadband.

Most of us depend on fast and reliable broadband every day – whether we are working from home, watching live sport, or shopping online, access to a speedy internet connection has become a life essential.

Fortunately for people in Guernsey, 50% of homes are now ready for the next generation of broadband: fibre. By 2026, the traditional broadband connections will be retired, and all households will need to have their broadband connection switched over.

We know that each household has different broadband needs, which is why we offer seven different fibre speeds so you can choose which one is right for you. The speeds we offer range from 50Mbps – perfect for small households with just a few devices – all the way up to our brand new Hyperfast Plus speed of 2Gbps for those who want the absolute best connection.

Navigating a whole new world of broadband and connectivity can be overwhelming, which is why we are making it our mission to give customers as much support as possible. If your home is ready for fibre, we suggest taking advantage of the lightning-fast speeds now available to you, so you can get the most out of all that Sure Fibre has to offer.

Get your home ready

Before your home is connected to fibre, there are a few things you can do to prepare:

  • Choose a double power socket for your fibre equipment to be plugged into
  • Consider buying a new router if yours is more than two years old. If you think yours isn’t suitable for the switch to fibre, Sure can provide the right one for you
  • Choose a central location in your home for your router away from granite walls and other electronic devices

Once these preparations have been made, one of the tech-savvy fibre engineers will be ready to visit your home for a pre-installation visit. They will return about two weeks later to get you set up with fibre, which will take between two and four hours. Our installation guide has all of the details. 

Moving house?
  • Check if your new home is ready to be connected
  • If you are building an extension or refurbishing your house and want ultrafast speeds, plan to hard wire fibre under the floor or plasterboard, by getting in touch directly with Guernsey Fibre
  • Tell us your property's exchange date at least two weeks ahead of the move
If you already have fibre

If you experience any Wi-Fi hiccups before or after making the switch, our team will support you every step of the way.

Support can be provided for free over the phone and by emailing wifi@sure.com.

Or call our Home Tech Team – as they’re the island’s experts in resolving connectivity issues – and are available for home visits to get to the root of Wi-Fi issues. They’ll complete a full Wi-Fi health check for just £35 and can advise if you would benefit from a Mesh system, so your Wi-Fi connection can be up to full speed in no time. Get in touch by calling 01481 700700 or by filling in this form

Things to try before booking a visit:

Free your router

Make sure your router is located away from any objects that may cause interference such as Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, fish tanks, metal-backed mirrors, fridges, microwaves and game consoles. It’s also worth checking on the age of your router.

Don’t be a WiFi waster

Connect heavily used non-portable devices directly into the router with an ethernet cable. e.g. Smart TV, games console, desktop computer. Disconnect any old devices from the
WiFi network (old tablets, phones, laptops, smart devices etc).

Refresh with Mesh

Enhance your signal reach with a Mesh WiFi extender system. Place Mesh nodes (they look a bit like small speakers) around your home and they will work with your router to distribute your WiFi signal even further. 

Reboot. Reset. Revitalise

Check for any software updates. Clear your device’s cookies and cache. Try turning your router off and waiting 30 seconds before turning it back on. Sometimes it does the trick.