In today's digital world, secure and reliable communication between businesses and their customers is essential. Text messaging (SMS) is the favoured method for delivering One-Time Passwords (OTPs) – a password or code that a bank or online retailers will use to confirm your identify for a single login or transaction – thanks to its accessibility, simplicity, and extensive reach.

Recently, local telecom operators have seen a notable increase in customers reporting that they are not receiving their OTP messages from banks and online retailers. We would like to assure customers that these OTPs are not being blocked by local operators, and telecom operators in the Channel Islands are united in their effort to address this issue. We are collating all relevant data and making every effort to contact the companies and their OTP delivery partners to highlight the growing problem of undelivered messages to our customers. All three major operators are making recommendations to these companies that would ensure delivery of the messages. 

If you are not receiving OTP messages from any business, it’s important to inform these businesses directly. This will make them aware of the problem and allow them to investigate. When doing so, you should clearly communicate the problem to them, explaining that you are not receiving OTP messages along with details such as date of occurrence, the specific services or accounts affected. 

Most businesses provide other verification methods, such as email, App verification or call back. We recommend that you use these alternatives for immediate access in the short-term while we work with these businesses and OTP delivery partners to resolve their issues.