Sure introduces unlimited mobile and sharer plans in Guernsey

We are delighted to offer Guernsey customers our innovative new monthly mobile phone contracts which offer unlimited data, calls and texts.

We have completely restructured our mobile plans to better cater to our customers’ changing consumption habits, as demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic which saw calls on mobile phones double during Guernsey’s first lockdown. We have a range of unlimited mobile contracts, with plans starting from £22 per month.

Charlotte Dunsterville, chief consumer officer at Sure, said: “As technology evolves and our lives have changed, our customers are using their devices more frequently in their day-to-day lives, streaming more regularly and consuming a higher volume of data. The speed that mobile phones and their complementary services have developed is phenomenal and has been further accelerated by the impact of COVID-19 on islanders’ lives.

“To put it into context, the first iPhone launched in 2007 using 2G and platforms such as Netflix were only just launching in the UK 10 years ago with a limited number of films and series, let alone being available to stream from mobile devices. Nowadays, everyone can stream a wide range of shows from their mobile devices. This is one of the habits that has contributed to the increase in data consumption across the Channel Islands, as one hour of streaming video on Netflix or Amazon Prime can easily use over 1GB of data.”

The tariffs have been designed in line with islanders’ lifestyles instead of data limits and are based on offering the data download speed that is suitable for that customer’s consumption. In addition to the new tariffs, we have introduced Sharer Plans which allow customers to add up to four other household members to their Unlimited Pay Monthly Plan for an additional £16 per month per person.  

Charlotte continues: “As evidenced last year, access to the internet is an essential requirement for islanders. Not only are we offering unlimited mobile data plans for all, but they are more accessible as we have reduced the price of our tariffs in comparison to what was previously offered.”

Customers’ current Pay Monthly contracts will not be impacted by the introduction of the new offers, however if a customer would like to upgrade to a new Unlimited Pay Monthly Plan, they can visit the Sure shop which is now open following Guernsey’s second lockdown or find out more here.