Chief Consumer Officer at Sure Charlotte Dunsterville said: “We’d like to apologise to any customer who has been affected by the recent broadband disruption.

“After investigations our engineers have determined that the cause of the issue is the latest series of updates made to third-party devices such as satellite boxes and wireless sound systems. These updates have had a knock-on effect on some older Technicolor routers and impacted connections to the broadband network. 

“We have developed a software update for the affected Technicolor routers and are in the process of rolling this out to customers. Customers do not have to do anything to receive the update, we are rolling it out overnight – when usage is at its minimum level – and it should install automatically and restore full service.

“If it doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem immediately then customers should first try turning their router off and on again, both the router itself and at the mains switch. This should stabilise the router and restore service, but if any customers still experience problems, they should call our team on 0808 10 15 247.

“Sure has around 12,000 broadband customers in Jersey. Only a small number of customers with the older Technicolor routers were affected. Customers who would like to upgrade their router can visit the Sure shop or call our team on 0808 10 15 247.”