Fast, unlimited and there when you need it

Our Unlimited Broadband is perfect for homes where everyone wants to be able to use as much broadband as they like, whenever they like. And as it's always unlimited, we never restrict the speed you get. So everyone in the house can be online, at the same time, and it won't cost you a penny more.

WiFi 6 technology, used in our Standard Home Gateway, is designed to speed up connections across all your devices and improve coverage around your home ensuring that you get faster WiFi speeds with reliable connections, so you can enjoy buffer-free streaming, faster downloads, and add more smart home devices without slowing down your internet experience.

Select the broadband plan that works for you.

With a fast, reliable connection and unlimited downloads, Sure Broadband is perfect for your home.


Fibre Unlimited Broadband 100 Mbps

Our lowest priced broadband. Average download speed 100Mbps, 10Mbps upload.

Price includes landline 
per month 
Fibre Unlimited Broadband 500Mbps

Perfect for home or small business use. Average download speed 500Mbps, 50Mbps upload. If you need more speed, why not upgrade to our fastest 944 Mbps Fibre service.

Price includes landline 
per month 
Fibre Unlimited Broadband 944Mbps

Perfect for a small to medium business or when multiple devices are streaming media from one router in the house. Average download speed 944 Mbps, 100Mbps upload.

Price includes landline 
per month 

New customer       Existing landline customer

Prices shown are based on a 24 month contract.

Basic Home Gateway (Router) £3.50 per month, Premium Home Gateway with Wi-Fi 6 £4.50 per month

 All prices include Sure Home Phone. Please note, prices increase annually on 1st July, in line with the Q1 RPI figure published by the States of Jersey.
Prices include GST. Ts&Cs apply.

WiFi to all corners of your home

Do you struggle to get a WiFi signal in some parts of your home? Our Mesh WiFi extender pushes coverage even further so you can get rid of those WiFi dead spots and stay connected to the strongest signal as you move around your home.


See our range of Mesh WiFi extenders

Resolve issues quickly with the Sure Support App

One of the quickest ways to resolve a query is with our Sure Support App. Once you've downloaded the app, it will enable you to run network tests on your router to identify potential problems which you can easily fix yourself without the need to spend time on the phone.

Other ways we can help

If you need help with your broadband or WiFi, whether you need to upgrade or whether you think there's a problem with your current broadband and WiFi, there are a number of other ways to get help, including our highly qualified Tech Team, who is ready to help you with all your WiFi and smart tech installations.


What's the difference between broadband and WiFi?

Your broadband is your connection to the internet. It is delivered to your home via fibre and/or copper cables. The broadband cable comes into your home to a home gateway router.

You access the internet via your home gateway router either with a wired connection (using an ethernet cable to connect your device directly to your router) or with a wireless connection (whereby a WiFi signal is transmitted from your router and connects with WiFi-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets and TVs.

What is WiFi6?

WiFi6 is the fastest of WiFi technology. It is designed to increase overall network efficiency, which increases network capacity and allows several devices with various bandwidth requirements to connect to your WiFi at the same time.

WiFi data travels along frequency bands, and each frequency band is made up of component streams. WiFi6 has the highest number of streams yet, which means higher connection speeds. These higher speeds allow for consistent high-speed connections which improve high definition video streaming.

WiFi6 has been designed to be able to handle an increase in devices without negatively impacting your WiFi speeds. This results in a smooth streaming experience, while providing uninterrupted connectivity of the ever-increasing number of smart devices in our homes.


How do I improve my WiFi?

To get the best WiFi signal strength your router needs to be located away from any objects that might cause interference (such as Bluetooth speakers, games consoles and microwaves), preferably somewhere high up in the centre of your home.

You could reduce the demands on your WiFi by connecting some devices, such as your TV or desktop computer, directly to your router via an ethernet cable. In addition, turn off apps and devices that are not in use, which could free up WiFi capacity for the devices that you are using.

Download the Sure Support app on Android or iOS to diagnose potential problems and fix them quickly and easily.

For more advice, visit our Help & Support pages.

How do I improve my broadband speed?

Turn off apps and devices that are not in use, as they could be competing for bandwidth on the same broadband connection. You could reduce the demands on your WiFi by connecting some devices, such as your TV or desktop computer, directly to your Home Gateway (router) via an ethernet cable.

Download the Sure Support app on your mobile device (on Android or iOS) to diagnose potential problems and fix them quickly and easily.

It might be that the service you are paying for is not sufficient for the demands of your household. If, for example, you have several people accessing the internet at the same time (watching a streaming service on TV, browsing the internet, or accessing work emails), you might want to consider upgrading your broadband plan.

For more advice, visit our Help & Support pages.

Why can’t I access the internet?

If you are experiencing problems with your home broadband or WiFi there are several basic checks you can try at home.

Take a look at your Home Gateway (router) and check that the lights are on, that it is connected to the Fibre Unit and that the Fibre Unit is turned on with lights on its left hand side. If the lights aren’t on, check the power cables to each.

For more advice, visit our Help & Support pages.

For more help visit Help & Support