One refreshing mobile plan 5 can share

Get your household online together with our Sharer Plans. For just £19 extra per person per month, you can share your monthly mobile allowance.

Add up to 4 members of your household to your Sharer Plan and share your texts, calls and data allowance with them. 

Share your data, text and call allowance

Share with up to four members of your household

All on one itemised monthly bill


Monthly mobile bills can stack up, so finding a way to reduce them is always a positive. Our Sharer Plans are a great choice for households looking to reduce their monthly outgoings and receive a single itemised bill at the end of each month. So if you are looking for convenience and savings then this plan could be right for you.

Everything will appear on one bill so its easy to manage. Whether you want to share with your other half or the whole family, we've got a Sharer Plan to suit everyone!

It's simple to share your data, calls and texts

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to know more about how the Sharer Plans work, please take a look at the FAQs below.

I'm already a Sure customer with a Pay Monthly Mobile Plan, can I get a Sharer plan?

Yes, you can add up to four Sharer Plans onto your Pay Monthly Plan.  You will need to resign to a 24-month plan in order to do this.

Log in to your MySure account to sign up, or pop in store and a member of our Team will be happy to help.

Can I add Sharer to the Sure Saver or Unlimited Basic Pay Monthly Mobile Plans?

No, Sharer Plans can only be added to Unlimited Standard or Unlimited Max plans.

Can I just have a Sharer Plan without a Pay Monthly Mobile Plan?

No, you need to take out a Pay Monthly Mobile Plan in order to add a Sharer Plan.

How many Sharer Plans can I add?

You can add a maximum of four Sharer Plans per main Unlimited Standard or Unlimited Max Pay Monthly Mobile Plan.

Can I take out a handset with the Sharer Plan?

Of course, you can buy a handset with the Sharer Plan and spread the cost over the duration of your plan.

I have more than one main Pay Monthly Mobile Plan – which one will be shared?

In this case, all main plans on your account will be shared.

Can I get a Sharer Plan with SIM Only?

No, Sharer Plans are not available on SIM Only plans.

What happens if I cancel my Unlimited Standard or Unlimited Max Pay Monthly Mobile Plan?

If the main plan is cancelled, then all services will cease and contractual charges will apply if there are any services or handsets still in the minimum term.

Can you limit the amount of data, minutes or texts that the sharer has access to?

No, anyone who is added onto a Sharer Plan can use as much data, minutes and texts as is available on your Pay Monthly Plan.

Sharer Plans are available on Unlimited Standard or Unlimited Max purchased after 01/03/2021. Speed is limited on Sharer Plans to 10 Mbps. All Sharer Plans have unlimited calls & texts to fixed and mobile numbers within the Channel Islands, UK, IoM and Republic of Ireland excluding premium rate and non-geographic numbers. Sharer Plans are for use in a personal mobile phone only. Limit of 4 Sharer Plans per main tariff. Prices include GST. Ts&Cs apply.

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