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Get line rental that offers you great value for money each and every month with Sure Home Phone. You can save when making calls too and its only £14.89 per month. It's free to switch if you already have an active phone line, otherwise connection charges will apply. 

You’ll get low line rental charges and great call rates – just 0.2p per minute to local landlines (plus 6p connection charge). 

 Please note, prices increase annually in July, in line with the Q1 RPI figure published by the States of Jersey.

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Home Phone Costs

Calls to local landlines Connection charge National and international calls Calls to Sure mobiles
Calls are charged at 0.2p per minute (subject to a 6p minimum call charge) Free to switch, however, if you do not currently have an active phone line a £55.23 connection charge or £145.53 for an engineer visit will apply Calls start from 3p per minute - see our call charge price list for a full list of charges applicable to all destinations Calls to Sure and local mobiles are charged at 12p per minute

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