Sure Foundation

Sure is committed to local communities, that's why we have a number of charitable and community programmes across the islands.

Our community programmes ensure we are part of island life and support events that have local appeal, creating large community events which give islanders experiences they wouldn’t usually get. Examples of this are the Isle of Man TT, Sure Big Screen, Sure Big Gig, Sure Skate and Alderney Wildlife Trust.

In 2012, the Sure Foundation was established as a recognised charity with a committee made up of staff from across the organisation. Since its launch initially in Guernsey, the Foundation has helped over 50 Bailiwick Charities and donated over £120,000 in donations.
In 2017, the Foundation was extended to include Jersey and in the three short years that it has been in place donations have topped £25,000 to local charities.

Which charities does the Sure Foundation support?

The Foundation supports charities within the Bailiwick and Jersey that are aligned to our guiding principles. Over the years the Sure Foundation has helped over 50 charities locally and we continue to build on that.

The Foundation also recognises that charities and community groups need volunteer time almost as much as they need money and Sure has donated many hours of staff time to supporting charity projects through a variety of activities.

What else does Sure do in the community?

Sure also supports a variety of clubs, charities and other organisations with one-off donations to help their fund-raising, as well as supporting their telecommunications needs.

By donating telecommunications equipment or funding their communications, we enable these organisations to use technology in support of their charitable aims. Examples of this include providing mobile phones so a local care-giving charity as well as a domestic abuse prevention charity can have volunteers on call 24/7, plus providing mobile broadband to a charity which visits vulnerable and elderly people in their homes - helping them use internet access to stay connected with family worldwide.

The Sure Foundation and our support of community events form the backbone of Sure’s CSR programme, ensuring we continue to fulfil our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen.


How can my project apply for help?

If you would like to get in touch with us about a charitable or community project, please email 

The committee formally meet once a month to discuss the requests we receive.