Sure begins sustainability journey with ESI Monitor enrolment

As part of its long-term strategy to improve island life, Sure has prioritised its commitment to promoting sustainability and environmental care by enrolling in ESI Monitor’s Environmental Business Operations Framework. The enrolment will help Sure to track, analyse, and mitigate its emissions output, among other environmental measurements.

Sure will complete an annual data submission, tracking its impact on the environment so that it can make improvements in the future. It is now officially considered an Environmental and Social Impact Monitor, or ESI Monitor. ESI Monitors are organisations that are empowered to improve their environmental and/or social sustainability through measurement, minimisation, management, and benchmarking.

Sure has enrolled in the Environmental Business Operations Framework across all seven of its territories, demonstrating its prioritisation of the important issues of climate change and environmental impact in each of its communities around the world. Being community and sustainability focused is part of Sure’s strategy for the next five years.

Once the company has been measured, it can assess the extent of its carbon footprint, recognise areas for development, and develop specific action plans. It will then move into the project and change management phase to minimise its carbon output and consistently reduce emissions by re-measuring every year.

Sure has also established a ‘green taskforce,’ made up of employees across the business. These passionate volunteers champion a variety of areas for environmental improvement including waste and water, energy and buildings, travel, value chain, education and awareness, and mitigation and offsetting. Together, they will be instrumental in ensuring that Sure is doing whatever it can to tackle climate change to help maintain the local ecosystem, improving life for everyone in Jersey.

Lucienne De La Mare, Human Resources Director at Sure, said: “Climate change is a problem that must be addressed by every industry, but especially those developing new technology. Sure is proud to partner with ESI Monitor to ensure we are held accountable for how we tackle our own environmental impact.

“We know that this is just the start our journey and we are keen to work with the team to develop a strategy for how we can limit our carbon footprint and produce products and services that are as sustainable as possible.

“Connecting our island communities for a better future is at the heart of everything we do at Sure, and ensuring our processes are sustainable will benefit everyone.”

Ian Corder, Director of Standards and Operations at ESI Monitor, said: “Over the years, we’ve witnessed Sure’s commitment to its local communities and we’re excited to see these efforts expand into the environmental space in a formalised way. It’s important that technology-focused businesses like Sure measure and reflect on their environmental impact, to discover ways to innovate without costing the environment.”