Sure Fibre accelerates to Hyperfast

The fastest broadband network in the Channel Islands gets even faster

Guernsey will benefit from even faster broadband speeds from 1 November. As the fibre network rollout continues across the island, the speed of services available is increasing up to 2 Gigabit per second (Gbps), enabled by the deployment of the latest fibre technology.

Guernsey’s fibre network is already the fastest in the Channel Islands and the new top speed mean that locals can access double what most UK consumers can.

Additionally, all other fibre plans will have their upload speeds increased to match the download speeds, giving Guernsey broadband users up to 950Mbps extra upload speed, for the same price.

 Consumers will also receive increased speeds up to 200 Megabits per second (Mbps), with all plans except Gigabit Fibre growing:

Sure Fibre

Current speeds

Speeds from 1 November

Basic Fibre

30 Mbps download

3 Mbps upload

50 Mbps download

50 Mbps upload


Essential Fibre

50 Mbps download

5 Mbps upload


75 Mbps download

75 Mbps upload


Superfast Fibre

100 Mbps download

10 Mbps upload


150 Mbps download

150 Mbps upload


Ultrafast Fibre

300 Mbps download

30 Mbps upload


500 Mbps download

500 Mbps upload


Gigabit Fibre

1000 Mbps (1Gb) download

50 Mbps upload

1000 Mbps download

1000 Mbps upload



Sure’s Head of Consumer, Mike Fawkner-Corbett, said: “We are proud to provide access to the fastest broadband network in the Channel Islands with an incredible new top speed of 2Gbps. This is positive news for the island’s connectivity and economy, helping to futureproof the island.

“Thousands of residents and businesses are already enjoying our superfast fibre speeds, and those speeds are about to become even better value for money as we are upgrading all existing Sure fibre users for free during November.

“Sure’s Fibre products offer superior internet access allowing slicker working from home, better high-definition TV streaming, and enhancing online gaming.”

Customers won’t need to take any action to benefit from the increase as this will be done remotely. Landlines on fibre will be unaffected. 

Mike continued: “We would like to remind people who haven’t yet changed their broadband and landline to fibre that it is free to switch. They’ll then be able to enjoy the dramatically faster internet speeds with fibre.”

Islanders can keep up to date and find out if their property is fibre-ready using our postcode checker. All households and businesses will need to switch their current broadband and landline to the fibre network by end of 2026.

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