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We are no longer offering new Suremail addresses, however if you want to log in to an existing inbox, please use the button below: 

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Setting up your Suremail

Choose either a POP3 or IMAP server as shown below. The main difference is that POP3 will usually delete a message from the server once downloaded, freeing up storage space, but IMAP will usually leave it in place so that you can access your email from a different device or location, but requires more storage space. Many modern programs automatically choose some of the settings for you, such as port numbers. If any fields are already populated, please double check them, and don't worry if you're not asked for everything. You may need to check 'advanced settings' depending on the software you're using.

Suremail settings with secure SSL encryption

Suremail settings with secure SSL encryption

We strongly recommend using SSL encryption, which adds enhanced security* to your email account. Use the following settings for a secure connection:

Configuration option Setting
Incoming mail server
Incoming port (POP3) 995
Incoming port (IMAP) 993
Outgoing mail server
Outgoing port (SMTP) 465
Encryption / security yes: SSL
Authentication Auto, password or 'same as incoming server'
User / login name (use your own email address)

* SSL offers enhanced email security by encrypting information between your device and our server. It does not guarantee security to or from a recipient/sender as they may not be using secure settings themselves. Email shouldn't be considered an entirely secure method of communication and sending personal or sensitive information via email is not advised. Support regarding your Suremail account can be found here.