Mobile Pay Monthly

Want to do more with your phone? We’ve got a Pay Monthly Plan with data, minutes and texts, that’s sure to suit you. We split your bill into your Phone and Pay Monthly Plan, so you always know what you’re paying. And when your phone is paid off, your bill will reduce automatically.

If data is all you want, get a whopping 15GB of mobile data to use on island for just £15 per month* with our new Pay Monthly Data Only plan. Standard call and SMS rates apply, and can be found on our Calls and Data Charges page.

If you’re happy with your phone, we’ve also got a great range of SIM only plans.



Want even better value?

Our handy Boosters can make using your phone at home or abroad even better value. You can tailor your package with our Home Booster for better rates calling numbers on the island or our Away Booster, which cuts your call rates when you're roaming abroad. Find out more and add them for a month, or as long as you like.

Join The Best Network

We don’t just think we’re the best, independent research has proved it.* We’ve get better results for our 4G+ coverage, our download speeds and the quality of our voice calls than Manx Telecom.

Great 4G+ coverage

Our upgraded 4G+ network uses a range of radio frequencies to deliver faster speeds when you’re using your phone. It covers 75% of the Isle Of Man compared to 4% for Manx Telecom.

Sure Mobile promises

Switching to Sure is simple

Moving to a better deal with a Sure Mobile plan couldn’t be easier. We’ll do everything, you can keep your number and there won’t be any break in your service. If you want a Pay Monthly plan, just choose your phone and plan online and then come in to sign your contract, If you’d prefer to Pay As You Go, either pop into one of our shops and pick up a new SIM Card or order online.

*Q4 2017 survey by Systemics Group