Pay As You Go Top Up Options 

We believe in giving you the power to top up your way. Everyone has their own preference, so we offer multiple convenient options for you to choose from.

Top up via MySure App

To benefit from ease of topping up on the go, use the MySure app. 

Download the free app for either IOS or Android, register and store your card details securely.

If you are a new Pay As You Go customer , don't forget to register for MySure first.

For more information on how to register click here. 


Instant Top up online

In a rush? You can top up instantly with your debit/credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paypal here.

Top up via phone call

Don't have time to go online , No problem dial 177 FREE from your mobile and we will do the rest.

Local Retail Partners

Prefer to top-up your phone credit via your local retailer? No problem simply visit any of our local retail partners across the island that display a pink Payzone sign and you will be able to easily purchase credit.

If you need to check your balance (how much credit you have left) first dial *#100# and click the call button. The balance will be displayed in a message on the screen.