Independent experts find Sure has best mobile network in the Isle of Man

Sure’s mobile network has been awarded the title of best overall and fastest in the Isle of Man following a network quality assessment carried out by independent telecommunication network experts Systemics.

Systemics PAB, which also undertakes benchmarking for Vodafone Group, was commissioned by Sure to perform the measuring campaign to international standards, evaluating the quality of experience of mobile services provided by both Sure and Manx Telecom over 600 miles throughout the Isle of Man.

Sure’s 4G mobile network was found to be the fastest for data downloads, with speeds averaging nearly 40% faster than Manx Telecom. Sure has invested heavily in 4G+ (also known as LTE-Advanced), which is the latest, market-leading mobile technology that means peak speeds can be twice as fast, and users can consistently get a higher speed, even when a lot of people are connecting at once.

Following this significant, ongoing investment by the company the mobile coverage provided by Sure was assessed to be much stronger and more widespread with 75% of the island able to access 4G+ services compared to just 4% on the Manx Telecom network.

The independent report also noted that Sure is ‘clearly ahead of the competition in terms of voice quality,’ achieving a 28% higher Mean Opinion Score for voice quality compared to Manx Telecom.

“The results of the independent study show that Sure not only has the fastest mobile network, but we also provide the highest quality mobile experience on the Isle of Man. This is especially rewarding as breadth and depth of coverage is so important for our customers’ everyday mobile experience,” said Mike Phillips, CEO of Sure in the Isle of Man.

“Sure’s 4G and 4G+ networks are the result of a multimillion-pound investment made to equip the island with an infrastructure that enables it to punch well above its weight when it comes to superfast mobile services. We’re enormously proud that our networks deliver the very best mobile experience and Systemics’ findings back up our investment commitment.

“We know that our customers enjoy using our mobile services because mobile internet use has rocketed since the launch of our 4G and 4G+ networks. For business, trends towards home working and heavy data usage on-the-go mean that mobile services are a vital part of an island’s infrastructure and critical to its economy.

“We will continue to invest in our mobile network across the island to improve the experience for our customers.”