Sure doesn’t lag behind at Blink Arena

Sure doesn’t lag behind at Blink Arena

We are transforming Isle of Man esports and gameplay experience with an exclusive new partnership with Blink Arena.

Blink’s new gaming arena will benefit from lag-free, low-latency gameplay thanks to Sure’s ultrafast and resilient 500Mbps Fibre Broadband.

Blink Arena is a gaming centre offering a variety of online experiences, including a PC esports suite, high-end virtual reality and casual group console experiences. Their vision is to create a place that not only offers great gaming, but a social atmosphere that caters to avid gamers and the general public.

Mike Phillips, Sure Isle of Man Chief Executive, said: “We are joining forces with Blink Arena to offer Isle of Man gamers the very best gaming experience with Sure Fibre’s high speeds and reliability, truly giving them the edge.
“Fibre allows digital businesses like Blink to thrive and have the flexibility to be based anywhere on the island, expanding economic possibilities and fostering creativity and entrepreneurialism.
“This is an opportunity like never before, for gamers to try Sure Fibre by heading to Blink Arena and experiencing the high-performance, seamless and reliable connection.
“The Blink Arena is just another example of the innovative minds in the Isle of Man, it’s such a fantastic initiative for children and adults alike, and we’re happy to be supporting another local business.”

Leon Teare, co-founder of Blink Arena, said: “One of the biggest advantages of setting up our business on the island was the tremendous support we received from both local businesses and government organisations. Thanks to the support of Sure, our fibre connectivity sponsor, Blink Arena can successfully provide a seamless, lag-free experience.”

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