No roaming charges for Sure customers visiting Guernsey

As flights between the Isle of Man and Guernsey start next week (22 July), Sure would like to remind its customers that they can use their phone in Guernsey without incurring any roaming charges.

Almost 4,000 seats have been booked since the airbridge was put in place which allows islanders from the Isle of Man and Guernsey to travel between the two jurisdictions with no need for self-isolation. Thanks to Sure’s multiple networks, customers can travel to Guernsey and no incur any roaming charges. 

Charlotte Dunsterville, Chief Consumer Officer at Sure said: “We’re the only telecoms provider operating in both Guernsey and the Isle of Man and I’d like to remind our customers that we’re able to offer the opportunity to use the Sure network in both islands with no roaming charges while enjoying the air bridge.

“Lockdown has been an experience unlike any other and I hope many Manx residents will take advantage of the island partnership to enjoy beautiful Guernsey and our 99.5% 4G coverage on the island.”

Only Sure customers will be able to benefit when they travel to Guernsey. You can find more information on switching to Sure here: