Sure donates to Heroes on Water

Originally founded in the US in 2007, Heroes on Water Isle of Man provides support to members of the military, emergency services and others injured - physically or emotionally - while carrying out a public duty. The charity uses the physical challenge of kayaking or the mental challenge of fishing, combined with the relaxing effects of water to provide a unique therapy for its members that is often prescribed in the military rehabilitation community.

The charity has recently restored the old arcade in Port Soderick to act as a hub to store equipment and operate from. Over time this hub has evolved to become a haven to the community, as members can socialise over a cup of tea or coffee and reintegrate themselves within the community.

The Sure Community Foundation has donated a Chromebook, mobile device and PAYG SIM with £20 credit that will provide a number to contact the charity, act as a veteran loan phone and enable the cause to continue expanding and stay compliant with the Charities Commissions.

Learn more about Heroes on Water Isle of Man here.