Unlocked mobile handsets fairer for consumers says Sure

Unlocked mobile handsets fairer for consumers says Sure

Mobile phone customers in the Isle of Man are already benefiting from fairer consumer practice than their UK counterparts, according to Sure.

Ofcom, the UK telecommunications watchdog, has this week announced that it is proposing a ban on locked handsets – when a handset can only be used on a specific telecoms network – in the UK, something that doesn’t happen in the Isle of Man with Sure’s services. The regulator wants to make it easier for consumers to switch between mobile phone networks.

Mike Phillips, chief executive at Sure in the Isle of Man, said: “We welcome Ofcom’s announcement as it confirms that UK telecoms companies need to re-examine their customer service and work harder to treat customers fairly.

“At Sure our customers are at the heart of what we do and all of the mobile handsets we sell are unlocked so can be used on any network – which is beneficial to consumers as it gives them freedom of choice in provider and when travelling.

“We take our promises to our customers extremely seriously so offer early upgrades, spread payments and bill shock protection when roaming as standard. Customers can also switch networks easily and keep their number for free. Some UK operators don’t have this level of customer service in place and this has forced Ofcom to consult on the proposals.”