Your phone. Paid your way.

Whether you want the latest phone on a Pay Monthly Mobile Plan that gives you generous calls, texts and data allowance or a Pay As You Go plan for occasional calls, we’ve got the right one for you. If you already have a phone you like, we’ve even got SIM only plans that will cut your monthly costs.

Use your phone in Guernsey just like you do at home

Sure customers use the same best rated network* in Guernsey with no roaming cost. So if you're visiting, you can use your phone with your Pay Monthly Mobile or Pay As You Go plan, just as you do here in the Isle of Man and stay connected with family and friends or colleagues worry free.

Maybe you're off for a quick work meeting and want to keep on top of emails, or you're on hols and want to share a snap from your visit to one of the island's beautiful beaches or ancient dolmens.

Whatever you want to share, you can do it on your existing Sure plan while having a wonderful time in Guernsey!

Join The Best Network

We don’t just think we’re the best, independent research has proved it.* We’ve get better results for our 4G+ coverage, our download speeds and the quality of our voice calls than Manx Telecom.

Great coverage

Our upgraded 4G+ network uses a range of radio frequencies to deliver faster speeds when you’re using your phone. It covers 75% of the Isle Of Man compared to 4% for Manx Telecom.

Sure Mobile Promises

*Q4 2017 survey by Systemics Group