If you're a Pay Monthly mobile customer, our handy Boosters can make using your phone at home or abroad even better value. Just add them for a month, or as long as you like.

Away Booster

Cut the cost of calling when you're abroad with our handy Away Booster. It's perfect if you travel occasionally and gives you all these benefits*:

  • 12p/MB data when you’re roaming in UK, France and Republic of Ireland
  • 30p/MB data when you’re roaming in zone 2
  • 50% off all other data prices worldwide*
  • 50% off all calls and texts you make when you are abroad to any destination worldwide**
  • Free incoming calls in zones 1 and 2 plus 50% off incoming calls in zones 3 and 4 £5 per month Please visit our roaming page for full information on Zones and costs.

From £5.00 per month

* Valid from the date you buy it to the end of that calendar month. Can be cancelled at any time but no refund is given for unused days within that calendar month.

** Excludes calls/texts to premium rate and non-geographic numbers and all usage from Zone 5 - cruise ships and aircraft.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Home Booster

Save over 85% on selected call rates with our Home booster, with big discounts on your mobile calls from Isle of Man to the UK, Europe and other popular international destinations. View our call rates to see how much you could save when you add a Home Booster to your Pay Monthly Plan.

Log in to your My Sure account and go to Manage Add Ons to give your plan a boost.

From £5.00 per month Add Home Booster

Need more data?


If you occasionally need more data on your mobile broadband or pay monthly phone plan, for use on island, our data boosters are here to help. To add 25, 50 or 100 GB to your existing allowance simply call us on 07624247247. 





Data Booster Price
25 GB £10.00
50 GB £15.00
100 GB £25.00




Booster Information

Log into your My Sure account and go to Manage Add Ons to give your plan a boost.

Please note, boosters may take up to 48 hours to be applied and we will send you an email once it's live, until then you will be charged our standard rates. To cancel your booster, you will need to notify us by phone, email or in store.

Visit our Roaming page for full information on Zones and costs. For more information on Roaming, watch our help video or visit the Help & Support section.