4G Network Coverage

Want to go faster?

Switch to the mobile network with the best coverage on the Isle of Man. We offer 4G+, which uses multiple radio frequencies to deliver faster speeds. So you’ll be able to surf, stream and download on your phone without worrying about videos buffering or waiting for pages to load.

The widest 4G+ coverage

On top of our standard network coverage, our 4G+ network covers 75% of the island, compared with 4% for Manx Telecom, so if you’re looking for faster mobile speeds the choice is obvious. Independent studies showed that the quality of voice calls is better with Sure too.*

Average download speed

Across the island there were 440 tests for each operator of the data experience that they provide. The average download speed on the Sure Network was 44 Mbps in comparison to 32 Mbps on the MT network.That makes us 38% faster than Manx Telecom.

Voice Quality

We also came out on top in a voice quality test (MOS). The result for Sure was 3.13, the result for MT was 2.44 (out of a possible 5). That makes us 28% better than MT.

Coverage map

Light orange: Good coverage indoors and outdoors

Light pink: Good coverage outdoors

The best plan for you

Need lots of data to catch up with your friends on social media or watch the latest trending YouTube videos? We’ve got a plan to suit you. And with our fast 4G network and great coverage you’ll enjoy quicker downloads and speedy browsing.

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phone 1 bg 2 1

Switching to Sure is simple

Moving to a better deal with a Sure Mobile plan couldn’t be easier. We’ll do everything, you can keep your number and there won’t be any break in your service. If you want a Pay Monthly plan, just choose your phone and plan online and then come in to sign your contract, If you’d prefer to Pay As You Go, either pop into one of our shops and pick up a new SIM Card or order online.

*Source: Systemics Group - tests undertaken September 2017.