Unlimited Fibre Broadband

Our plans give you the option of superfast Unlimited Fibre Broadband up to 1Gbps. They let you download a 5GB HD movie in as little as 40 seconds. Plus, we’ll never restrict your connection at peak times. So, when everyone is home and online or you’re using lots of devices, you’ll still enjoy a fast, stable connection. And as our plans are always unlimited, you can use your broadband as much as you like.


Can you get faster broadband?

Enter your Postcode below to find out if fibre broadband is available in your area.  We are continuously rolling this service out across the island so if you can’t get it just now, look out for a leaflet through your door. Or simply check back here.

And if fibre is not available at your postcode yet, enter your telephone number to see what alternate broadband services are available to you. 

All speeds quoted depend on your line length.

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