To mark the 125 years since the States of Guernsey voted to introduce telephones to the island, we are hosting a free public exhibition at the George Crossan Gallery, in the Market building from Monday 21 June.

Titled Ring Please: 125 years of connecting people, the exhibition is in the art gallery in the Inner Street of the Market, above the Guernsey Weigh, and highlights the Bailiwick’s fascinating telephone and internet history. Islanders can visit the exhibition from Monday 21 June until Saturday 3 July, when it is open from 10am until 5pm every day (except for Sunday 27 June).

Justin Bellinger, chief executive at Sure in Guernsey, said: “What many people do not realise is that Guernsey has been an innovator and leader in the telephony industry for the last 125 years. From creating a telephone network that was affordable for all islanders instead of the wealthy few in 1896, to becoming the first completely digital exchange system in the world in 1994, and finally seeing a 45% increase in home broadband traffic in 2020 during the first lockdown. Our history is unique and this exhibition celebrates that.”

Working with Guernsey Museums and local experts, we hope you enjoy reading the interesting history and seeing some of the old Guernsey telephones that are on display.

Justin continues: “As one of the island’s largest single employers and a provider of critical national infrastructure, it has been a privilege to delve into the Bailiwick’s history of keeping islanders connected and explore our technological developments.

“While this exhibition looks at the last 125 years, this has only reaffirmed our commitment to investing in the Bailiwick, its infrastructure and the community.

“We’d like to thank everyone involved, including Guernsey Museums, for their support and sharing their expert knowledge with us on this fascinating part of Guernsey’s history. We would encourage everyone to visit the exhibition. Islanders even have the opportunity to win a Sony Xperia 10 III if they complete our easy quiz that can be found in the Sure store located on the High Street, with all the answers included in the exhibition.”

The exhibition is open to the public from Monday 21 June until Saturday 3 July and is open from 10am until 5pm every day (except for Sunday 27 June). You can read more about Guernsey’s telephone history here.