Customer satisfaction highest with Sure according to CICRA survey

More telecoms customers are satisfied with Sure than with any other Channel Island provider, according to the results of the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities (CICRA’s) independent Telecoms Satisfaction Survey.

Sure customers in Guernsey scored the company highest for overall satisfaction with its mobile, broadband and landline services compared to its competitors.

“We’re proud that Sure’s customers are the most satisfied in the island – these great results are all thanks to our employees who work so hard to provide customers with an excellent experience so a huge thank you goes to the whole team for their continued commitment to our customers,” said Charlotte Dunsterville, Sure’s chief customer officer.

“At Sure our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we monitor the feedback we receive from them to continually improve our products and services. It’s great to have these independent results to support our own customer satisfaction research which we conduct through regular surveys and customer panels.

“Our approach to business is based on our core values of simplicity, trust, one team and customer-driven. Sure is powered by our people and our focus is on providing a quality service to our customers through a motivated workforce. We invest a huge amount in training and developing our employees to continually improve customer engagement and enhance their experiences.”

Sure saw an increase in overall satisfaction scores across all its services (mobile, broadband and landline) in the survey compared to 2017; testament to the business’s ongoing significant investments in infrastructure and training opportunities for its employees

Sure’s mobile service ranked highest for mobile reception and network with 93% of Sure customers noting they are satisfied with these areas - which is higher than the UK average of 84% and complements CICRA’s independent research from 2017 that found
Sure’s 4G mobile network to be the fastest in the Channel Islands

69% of Sure’s broadband customers were satisfied overall with their broadband service; achieving the highest score and a 12% increase on Sure’s 2017 score thanks to the company’s continuing investment in the island’s broadband network to offer faster and more resilient services.

Sure also had the highest scores for landline reliability and overall service in the survey (94% and 87% respectively), beating and matching the UK averages.

“The results of this latest CICRA survey are good news for local telecoms customers and we’ll strive to maintain these levels of experience but we recognise there is always room for improvement. Sure is constantly investing in our business to ensure our customers can benefit from the latest technology to enhance their digital experiences and we’re always working to be honest, open, fair and most importantly trusted,” said Ms Dunsterville.