New CEO will oversee Sure’s expanded operations

Sure's operations in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man and in the South Atlantic and Diego Garcia will now be managed as one group (Sure), headquartered in Guernsey.

Ian Kelly, who has been CEO of Sure's South Atlantic and Diego Garcia operations for the last three years, and a Batelco Group Executive since 2007, has been appointed acting CEO of the expanded group.

Eddie Saints, who was the Guernsey-based CEO of Sure's Channel Islands and Isle of Man operations since 2008, was due to take on the role with Mr Kelly's support prior to his death earlier this month.

Sure has a specialist understanding of small market economies and the merger means that the overall group has operational responsibility for companies within seven territories -- each with niche service and infrastructure requirements. The initiative recognises the benefits of economies of scale and the value of combining resources to create one focused and simplified operating structure.

The two regions, which include Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man, the Falkland Islands, Ascension Island, St Helena and Diego Garcia, had previously worked together on a number of key initiatives but the merger will enable greater operating synergies and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and expertise.

Sure's acting CEO, Ian Kelly, said: "Eddie and I worked closely together during the planning of this merger and he was passionate about the benefits and opportunities that working as one expanded group would bring. Eddie was a strong leader and he leaves a legacy of a successful business which I intend to build upon.

"Sure's knowledge of small market economies and our level of expertise in dealing with the geographical and operational nuances of these island locations are well-established and sharing knowledge and expertise across the group is one of the big benefits of the merger.

"Sure's performance across both regions in the past few years has been strong and the merger is recognition of both this performance and the potential that exists in having a larger, stronger group."