Unlimited Pro Broadband

Running a small business isn’t easy. You need to be sure your home broadband won’t let you down when you’re relying on it to get things done. With Pro, there are fewer users on every connection, so it’s faster for you. Plus, you’ll get a fixed IP address, making it easier to host your website or run a server. And as it’s always unlimited, you can use it as much as you like, day or night.

Prices include a landline and are based on a 24 month contract.

12 month contracts are available in store.

Can you get faster broadband?

Use our line checker to find out. All speeds depend on the distance your internet connection has to travel from the local telephone exchange to reach your home. Our fastest broadband packages use a fibre connection. We’re continuously rolling this service out across the island. If you can’t get it just now, look out for a leaflet through your door. Or just check back here.

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Why choose Sure

* Prices shown are for broadband and landline, on a 24 month contract, when a Pay Monthly mobile is on the same account. Also available on 12 month contracts and without a Pay Monthly mobile on the same account (£2-5 extra per month). Compatible router required, Basic Home Gateway (Router) £3.50 per month, Premium Home Gateway with Wi-Fi 6 £4.50 per month. If a new landline, or reconnection is required, charges will apply - £52.60 without engineering work, £135.10 with engineering work. Broadband connection free on 24 month contracts, £65 on 12 month contracts for Standard, Superfast and Ultrafast Unlimited Broadband. Free connection on 12 month Basic Unlimited Broadband.