What is the Charity Broadband Discount?

The Charity Broadband Discount is a new benefit that Sure are now offering for registered charities in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The benefit is a 50% discount off any Sure Broadband plan. Charities can choose the broadband plan most suited to their needs and the discount will be applied accordingly. The aim of the discount is to help support local charities by easing the financial burden that charities face allowing them to channel more funding towards making a meaningful impact in the community. 


How do I apply?

Any registered Guernsey charity may apply providing the broadband service account is in the name of your organisation and its registered address. If you meet this criteria, simply fill in this webform and we will be in touch. 

Sure’s standard router charges apply if a new router is required. The charity must be registered in Guernsey with the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Each qualifying charity will be eligible for one discounted broadband service. Maximum of 50 charities to receive the discount at any one time.